Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sept. 9, 2015 Brasil Independence day, got transferred, but stayed in the same house

         Week 64.....Where am I?

So, we had our P-day switched to Wednesday this week because of the holiday on Monday. 
We had transfers this week. It was really interesting. E. Figueira, Nunes, and I were all transfered to Sumaré!

They closed my area. We all live in the same house still....Nunes and Figueira are now companions and I have a new companion named, Elder Maia. He is from Goiana, Brazil. We are working in a part called Matão. It is extremely close to Campinas, which is another mission. It is so close that if I catch the wrong bus, then I will end up on another mission. The city is extremely poor. This is what we call a "Favela".

We had an awesome time with Junior when he took us out to eat at an american food restaurant. I got an awesome burger!

We were able to bring a family to church! Their names are Marcelo and Kelly. They really like the visits and they really liked the idea of an eternal family. We were about to have a baptismal date for them, but we are now transfered. We left it with the other Elders now. 

We also have a baptismal date for Adilson and Albertina. We had to remark them both to the 26. We are going to be able to visit the baptism.

Elder Koby Sullivan

exercising with Junior's dogs

hair cut

Koby teaching an English class.

Two Sullivan's.

Last dinner together before transfers.

pday a few weeks ago. Mom just wanted to make sure it got posted.

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