Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 29, 2015 "Kid, I have no idea what you just said"

          54 weeks

I had a cool experience the other day knocking on doors (or interfones). I was so upset that nobody would come to the door that I did a contact in English. His response, "Kid, I have no idea what you just said". Anyway, he let us in! We´ll see how he does as an investigator. He is way cool right now :)
However, I did try the English again and nobody let us in...

We had interviews with Prez. It was really fun. We threw a barbaque that is basically cook the meat over the fire. No fancy sauces or anything. just rice. Prez. told my companion and I that we need to change this ward because it is the richest ward on the mission and knocking on doors will not work. He said to go and change the culture of the ward. We´ll see what we can do. 

We were passing by the zoo the other day and decided to go look. Unfortunately, I didn´t have my camera..... It was full of tropical birds which was way cool. They had a few monkeys and a tiger. It was a decent size, but I liked it.

Elder Koby Sullivan

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