Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 6, 2015 marijuana n missionaries

Update on Juli... there was another problem at the cartorio (the place to get married). They did not accept his wife´s picture because it was too old. They updated the picture and the cartorio said that it will take at least ten days to process it....Now he can´t be baptized until the 18...

We have a new investigator who smokes a ton of marajuana. It seems like he will put in some effort to change this problem. He is going to bring his sister too so that we can help :)

This week we have knocked on so many doors and have been rejected so many times. Now, we are trying up our motivation and creating fancy way on knocking on doors.....no, ringing the interphone...that is about all we do day after day. Results are few. We found some people who were baptized 40 years ago as a kid and now they want to know about the church, and some old investigators of some other missionaries who did not leave a form that said that they existed.

Remember when I went to the four square church? Well, we have his address and have planned to meet with him this friday. We going to prepare all week.

4th of July didn´t really exist for me...

Elder Koby Sullivan

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