Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 20, 2015 knockin and talkin

          Week 57

We had our multi-zone conference this week which was really fun. We learned a ton. Next week, Elder Costa will come to speak to us. That will be fun.

This week did not have very many results. We had over 90 doors knocked on, and 3 people let us in (that is not including people who weren´t home). It was pretty tiring and the people that accepted us didn´t really want anything...

I know I´m a missionary, but I just have to say, I hate dumb people....
First person: A lady whose door I knocked on let us in. We taught the restoration and she said that she had already read the Book of Mormon and she also said that she didn´t want to switch religions. We asked if she believed the book to be true, and she said yes. We explained a little more and I asked, "Do you believe that Joseph Smith was called a prophet of God?" Her response, "Clearly! But I´m happy where I am and I don´t want to switch religions..." Wow... It is the true church of God! What more could you ask?...

Second Person: We visited someone that we talked with on the road. We taught the Restauration and pulled out the BoM and testified. We told them that they would receive an answer. Well, the lady asked the most ridiculous question, "If I know that the book is true, do I have to go to your church?" What kind of question is that? You don´t want to go to the true church? She said, "I´ve always been Catholic, and I don´t want to change." Even the old man that was bed-ridden lifted up his arm and said, "I´ve been catholic for 76 years and I will die Catholic." Ugh. that made me mad. 
I hate ignorant people....

Anyways, Jul was baptized!!! We had a barbaque at his house. Everything was good there minus the pig´s stomach. That was the strangest texture ever. He tried offering me more, but I had to deny. It was really fun. Jul was so big (6'4" 250lbs), that he had to kneel down so that he could be baptized. It was funny. Now we just need to teach his wife. I think that she wants to, but she is afraid of her 5 year old son running around in the church and misbehaving. Other than that, I think that she will come.

Elder Koby Sullivan

Koby went to the zoo with a man who is good friends with him and the other missionaries, and he sent me these pictures of Koby at the zoo. (Koby was feeling bad that he didn't have any pics from the zoo since he didn't have his camera.)

Koby in front of his apartment.

Koby before he got his hair cut.

Koby after his haircut. haha. not much difference.


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