Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 13, 2015 interviewing an assassin for baptism

          56 weeks

This week had a major change on the mission. We had the rule to do at least 14 contacts as a companionship each day. They have now changed it to 50 contacts each day. 50 takes quite a bit of effort. 

Jul married on Tuesday!!! He said something that was way funny. He has already passed the baptismal interview once, but the second time, they discovered that he wasn´t married and he got really angry. Now, at the signing of the paper, he held up another paper to us and said, "Do you see this? This is a stable agreement between us, so basically we were married, but the church doesn´t accept this paper. With this paper, we are in fornication! Try stopping me from being baptized now!"

On Sunday, we did his interview. Well, we had planned on joking around with the interviewer, "Elder Figueira". Jul pretended that he had killed a man, but that it didn´t matter because he was going to get baptized anyway. Figueira got really scared. He didn´t know what to do because he couldn´t let an assasin get baptized nor did he want to get killed. We messed with him a bit. It was really fun. After, we told him the truth and he got really upset. It was hillarious.

This week was the first week that someone didn´t accept the free Book of Mormon. It was really frustrating. It happened twice.

I had a first experience Sunday. We had plans to go to a new part of our area that required the bus to get there. Well, we ran into Julio and we started talking. While we were talking, we missed the bus.... So, we decided to stay close to our house. While we were knocking on doors, there was one man who let us in. We taught him about the restoration and he had a lot of difficult questions that we managed to answer. We pulled out the Book of Mormon and started to explain it. He looked at it and while my companion was explaining it, and asked if he could hold it. We gave it to him and he looked at it and marveled. We invited him and his wife to read and he said, "I want to read it." (that is a rare response). After the message, the man (Adil) said that last night as he was going to bed, he said a prayer and asked God to show him which path to follow. They believe that we are the answer! Oh, how happy we were after!

Só Sucesso

Elder Koby Sullivan

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