Wednesday, August 19, 2015

July 28, 2015 "engraven images!"

          Week 58

This week was a little chaotic. It was E. Lopes´ last week here, so while he was with Prezident most of the time, E. Figueira, E. Nunes, and I worked together as a three-sum. 

I never ran into so many people against the church. The other day, I tried to give a little card with a picture of Christ on it and he almost ran away shouting, "engraven images!".... I was a little stressed that day and so I asked, "Sir, have to taken a picture of your son? When you have taken that picture, you have made an engraven image of your son. Therefore, you are in sin in the sight of your eyes." He sat quietly, then said that he had to leave.
Others just say, "come back another day and lets hit it off." If that isn´t calling for a Bible bash, I don´t know what is. I haven´t visited those people yet.

One lady, as we were knocking on doors, let us in. She said that she knew a bit about our church because the pastor of her church has taught her. When we taught her the restauration, she sat and looked as if she was deceived. She did not expect our message to be like that. I think that she is in doubt right now about her church. We will visit her this week.

Not much this week. Transfers are the same. I stayed here. Piracicaba para vida.

Elder Koby Sullivan

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