Monday, April 27, 2015

Apr. 27, 2015 a Brazilian girl has a crush on me

          Week 45

I just got done helping a member move houses. They went from an extremely small house to a not so small house. 

The american that is living with me, Elder Lowder, has been practicing breakdancing on the porch of our house. I got a little curious, becuase I can already do the handstand, and now he is teaching me a few things. I can basically do one flare on the ground and one full twist on the handstand. I hope I can get this thing down :)

Monday last week, we visited one of our newer investigator. This investigator has a daughter really pretty. Well, this really pretty girl gave me a note with her perfume and everything. It made me so happy. When I got home I started to brag to everyone in the house about my new "snake". They asked me to show them the note. After I showed it to them, they all looked really shocked and asked, "How old is she?" My response..."I'm not sure. I think she is about five years old." It gave everyone a good laugh.

Mar has backed down from the baptism for good. An still wants her to be baptized, so I still believe that there is hope. He has come up with a plan to take all of the kids to church so that she will be left alone at the house, that way she will feel lonely and will want to come to church! Haha! I love the plan!

Tons of people in this city have Dangue. (DANE-gee) We have given almost everyone a blessing! All of our investigators have somebody in their family get dangue in the past month. It is a little strange because it has been a while since I have seen a mosquito here.

That's my week

Elder Koby Sullivan

We encountered our investigators in the center of the city. What are they playing?

Chess on the chess board :) I love my generation!

Birthday gift from Prez :)

Prezident and Sister Canuto's Birthday

A bunch of pics we borrowed from Elder Wallas:

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