Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Apr. 13, 2015 lost my sole!

          Month 10!

Finally hit month 10 along with my companion. 

The week was full of "no's". We had invited We. to baptism, but he rejected and he has invited us to go to his church...maybe he doesn't know our purpose here :/

Mat's family also rejected the baptism. His mom told us no as well has his dad. In the middle of the conversation, I told them the importance of agency and then I asked Mat. He told us that he doesn't believe in any religion, not even the one that his family goes to, but I can see it in him that he believes in our religion, so we are going to keep trying. 
Mar as well told us no, but we convinced her to be baptized on the 25 by her new husband An. :)

An. just received the priesthood yesterday. He was so happy. He is a different person now. 

Because Easter just happened, we have been getting the leftover chocolates of all the members. I have never had so much chocolate at one time.... I'm not complaining :)

We have entered in a new area in the city. It appears that it has been two years since somebody worked over there. I understand why. It is close to nothing! It is an hour away from our house and the center. The only thing there useful is the market, but the area is really good :)

Elder Koby Sullivan

Mom's note: In case you are wondering, 
We bought them from Christensen's in St. George, Utah.
The salesman knew this kid was going to Brazil, and he told him this is a "good shoe." This shoe started falling apart in the first month. He was still in the MTC and hadn't even worn them outside. All the while, he was rotating them with another pair... We just found out size 13 is only available in Brazil through "special ordering."
Thanks, Christensen's. NOT.

I filled the hole with duck tape.

​The bottom has come apart

They broke on the road. Luckily I had bags.

​I was tired and wanted to sleep on the road

​This is what the first plane ever made looks like from behind.


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