Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mar. 28, 2016 they forgot about me (travel plans)

          92 weeks

The week went pretty well. We are teaching a referral who is almost ready to be baptized. I give her two weeks. It´s good that she lives really close to a member with a car, so there is no excuse to not go to church, but she likes it anyways.

We are having some problems with the youth wanting to leave the church. We visited several of them to see why, and they all had the same excuse. They don´t like people being false. At least one came to their senses and came to church, but the others didn´t want to come. We´ll see what we can do with them.

We used the primary to do contacts with us. They literally talked with everyone that they saw. They entered into restaurants, talked to people in cars, and knocked on doors. It was really funny to watch.

Not too much happened this week other than that. 

Feliz Pascoa ontem!

muddyjob wrote:
Do the missionaries in your mission get their travel plans okay?
Your mission president is slow with getting this done?
I hope there are still flights left to choose from by the time he gets your date to the church travel office.

Koby Sullivan wrote:
I don´t know anything. I plan on calling them later today to see what happened. My group has already gotten their call, but I haven´t.... It isn´t the president who calls, it´s the missionaries in the mission office.

muddyjob wrote: When did your group get their calls? How long ago?   

Koby Sullivan wrote:  When I was in Piracicaba, they were telling me that they got their call.

muddyjob wrote: That was 2 weeks ago. I think you need to call them right now. They have obviously forgotten you. The church travel can't pick your flights till they get the info from your mission office. The travel office usually has that 3 MONTHS before a missionary comes home. Can you call them right now? 

Koby Sullivan wrote: Sure. I´ll call them.   

Koby Sullivan wrote: They didn´t answer, but I will call again later.
muddyjob wrote: What is the travel date of your group?

Koby Sullivan  wrote:  9th of May

Koby Sullivan wrote: They forgot about me.....

muddyjob wrote:  We already knew that!!!! Now, what?

Koby Sullivan wrote:   They will buy it right now

muddyjob wrote:  What does that mean, buy it? they don't buy it, the travel office in Provo buys it.
Did they call you back? or did you call them again?

Koby wrote: I called again.

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