Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 25, 2016 Turning 20 tomorrow! and 2 weeks left.

          Mais 2 semanas!     2 more weeks!

Well, I just found out that I will be going to the Airport at 2 in the morning and I will wait for my flight until 9:15 at night. That is 20 hours waiting for the first plane............... I was not happy about that.

This is the last week that I have to work, but it is going to be packed with things to do. I have planned several activities with the ward so that the future Elders will have a lot of referals after I leave. I am also hoping that it will help the members have the desire to work.

I gave a talk on Sunday. I didn´t have any problems. I sure hope it is the same situation in the states...

We had our last multi-zone conference with prezident and me :) Due to the amount of time we traveled, it took a big chunk out of our week.

This week we will do a bunch of cool things. It will be my birthday and they plan on throwing an egg on my head.... and a bunch of other things. I will send pics next week I have to run. We are going to  Caconde.

Elder Koby Sullivan

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