Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Aug. 3, 2015 saints and idols, but what about Christ?

          Week 59

Our meeting with Elder Costa was canceled at the last minute, so they moved it to this week. 

We met a man who has just began to look to put Christ in his life. We taught him the Restoration, but we have a huge competition against the Four Square Church. He had never heard of the Church of Jesus Christ, but he has a ton of friends in the FSC. It will have to be a miracle to get him to come to our church, but we believe in miracles :)

We had a little argument with a Catholic the other day. We were teaching her and she tried to convince us that the Pope is a prophet and that we have to worship idols and saints. I used the bible and explained everything to here and she replied, "Well, you are in the wrong place because I will not give up my saints and idols. This is what the Pope said." She was pointing to all sorts of statues in the house. We left right then. I almost said to her, "And Christ or God? I see that you have pictures and statues of everybody who wanted to follow Christ, but you don´t even have Christ." I was really upset.

However, we do have some amazing news. Pat, who is Ju´s wife, has accepted baptism for the 22! It is way better teaching her because I feel like I am teaching her and not trying to convince her. She believes a lot in the Reincarnation, but after the Plan of Salvation, she understood the need to be baptized and marry in the temple! The most excited person is Ju. He was telling everyone at church that she was going to get baptized.

Elder Koby Sullivan

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