Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 9, 2015 One Year in BRAZIL!!! and tons of pics

          51 weeks

In three days is the one year mark. I still don´t know what I will do. 

This week was actually extremely different. It started out with one new investigator whose eyes lit up when we invited her to baptism. Sadly she works most Sundays, but I am not too worried about that with her. She has visited so many churches and she is not attending any of them right now. I think that we will have her baptized in a month or two.

Thursday was really tough. It was a holiday here and nobody was home. We went to talk with a pastor to invite him to help our church and several other churches do a helping hands project. Well, the Pastor is really good friends with this pastor and he invited us to watch a meeting with them. We did. This was the first time I had entered into another church in my life and it did not have a good impression on me. (We had permission from Prezident). The church is called the four square church and the person speaking was some lady and she yelled and tried to claim that she was having a vision and stuff. After her yell, the pastor invited us to the front and presented us to everyone in the church! He told everyone that I was from LV.....because I live 2 hours from there. We did not have to talk or anything, but it was interesting.

Saturday, we had a group of girls called, "Daughters of Job", come and visit our church. The group is a bunch of girls who are daughters of a mason. We gave them a tour of the church and taught them about the Restoration. They all seemed really interested. 

Today, we went to a tourist place by the river. It was really cool and I have some cool pictures. that I will send. 

Elder Koby Sullivan

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