Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 15, 2015 ONE YEAR in Brazil!!!

          52 weeks      #1year!

This week was nice.

​I should fire the Photographer....Lopes.

There is a recent-convert, Ju,  that is always talking with us and last p-day, he took us to McDonalds! Think of an expensive restaurant and times it by four. He is way cool. Each monday, we go to the church and study Jesus the Christ with him. He speaks 8 languages....and he is the official translator for the government of São Paulo.

We had a surprise this week. We had an Elder be emergency transferred to stay with my companion and I. He is from my group of missionaries. It trumped our work because we had to make several trips to the Secretary´s office. However, we did find several bridges that make the trip to the center of the city half of the size. It is a pedestrian/tourist bridge. Way cool pictures if I remembered my camera....I have a random desire to learn another language, so I asked the secretaries which languages of the Book of Mormon they had and they gave me a French BoM! I have no idea where to start, I´ll ask Ju for help.

On my one year day, I went to McDonalds to get some Ice cream. Well, when I was waiting, I heard some guys speaking in English very poorly behind me. I turned around to talk with them. One is a Brazilian and the other was a Korean. What? It was a strange moment, but it was cool to talk with a Korean :)

We had party for the Junina. It is like a hill-billy holliday for Brazil. It was way fun to eat all of the food. Free food is always delicious :)

Transfers have come and I will stay, but my companion will go. I will have another companion named Elder Nunes. I have no idea who he is. However, Elder Figu has returned to come and live with me and Elder Lopes. This will be fun.

Elder Koby Sullivan

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