Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 25, 2015 we eat and eat and eat :)

          Week 49

So, we went to the center last week and who did I see? My first Bishop! It was so cool! He helped me a lot in the first area. 

One day for lunch, somebody made fish. Well, I don´t like fish all that much. It was worse when you look in the pot and you see the entire fish, head and all. This family gets offended when you don´t take a lot of food, so I took an entire fish. (I haven´t had fish my entire mission). I was able to eat it slowly (minus the head, I didn´t eat. When they looked away, I threw it away). I got through lunch successfully.

My companion and I have began to run in the mornings. He wants to lose his belly before he gets home. Yes, he does need to start 9 months before he goes home.... We were super sore for the whole week. Our bodies have not ran in a long time. 

I feel bad that I didn´t do well in English when I was at home because I have had some people who are trying to get a job send me their papers to revise them. I did notice that almost every sentence was incomplete, but it took me forever to decide what was wrong with the sentence. I have never made so many corrections on a paper before... and i´m not even good!

Our house is always singing here. We´ve basically got a quartet and it has been some of our messages for the past week. We are singing the basic, I need thee every hour. (mom's note: Koby's companion, Elder Jimenez, is a professional guitarist and singer who played music for David Archuleta)

É isso...

Elder Koby Sullivan

​Falda´s food

​Eat more!

​Elder Jiménez is always excited to eat 

They come, they eat, they leave.

​cool pet turtle.

(mom's note: it is so nice to see such happiness in his eyes!)

He has been out almost 1 year. 

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