Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 gave a talk in church spur of the moment, and food, food, and more food!

          48 weeks

So, I think that I can start counting down on the weeks that I have on the mission. 

When I got here in Piracicaba, the house was a mess. It looked like it hadn´t been cleaned in 10 years. So, Sister Canuto caught the house before the first P-Day and did not like it at all. We spent all day last week cleaning all sorts of grease on the walls and the floors. I can proudly say that we have a new clean home :)

We have a cool investigator. She makes us a bunch of really good food every night that we go there. We love eating, but she makes us a ton of food. We start with a chilean soup which fills us up really quick, then she gives us a spaggetti or a hamburger, and then she gives us some dessert. (She makes enough for each of us to have seconds of everything). We probably gain two pounds everytime we go there... One day we went and told her that we couldn't meet with her because we were too full from lunch. (We didn't say that we were too full). 

Yesterday at church, I was asked to give a talk. Unlike being a member and having a good week to write the talk, they asked me at church to give the talk that day....I was incredibly nervous. It's a good thing that the ward only has 70 people and not 500.

Another investigator, who just needs to get married and he will be baptized, gave us lunch yesterday. He made us Italian food because he part Italian. Then, He brought 6 liters of ice cream and almost forced us to eat all of it. We all almost threw up! If everyone keeps giving me food like this, I am going to explode! 

Elder Koby Sullivan

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