Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mar. 14, 2016 8 weeks left, saw a good friend, tooth mishap

My companion had a wonderful surprise on Monday. We were eating pastel and then my companion left saying, "My tooth broke". I thought that he was lying because there was no way that he broke his tooth on a pastel. It´s like breaking your tooth on pie. It just doesn´t happen. Well, he returned and showed me. His moler was gone. There was just a little stubble left. He acted like it was normal. I had to convince him that he had to take the tooth out. So, we went to the dentist and they had to do a surgery to take the tooth out. He was not allowed to work in the sun for a couple of days...Our leaders were really upset about it. It was almost as if they didn´t believe us...

I had a chance to go to Piracicaba this week. A lot of americans went and we all got a CPF which is basically saying that I am a Brazilian Citizen! Hehe :) I also got to see my old friend Junior!

It was a fun trip, but I got way tired from this trip. It made working a little bit more difficult.

​The grafitti where I live...

​Those were the only ones with pictures. The rest are words that nobody understands...

This week is going to be well done.
Elder Koby Sullivan

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