Monday, December 14, 2015

Nov. 30, 2015 a forced week off

          76 weeks

My companion and I did about nothing this week. Monday night, my companion started to feel a little bit sick. Tuesday morning, he felt even worse, so we called Sister Canuto. She said to go get it checked. We went to a health clinic nearby, but we didn´t realize that the health clinic was not the place to go, but they just kept telling us to come back for results and stuff. They thought that my companion had dengue. He had a blood test and everything. 
Thursday, he was feeling a lot better, so we went to work. At night, he started to feel bad. He had really bad diarria. It got to the point where blood started to come out. We decided to wait until the next day to go to the clinic again and they said that they can´t do anything about it and that we needed to go to a bigger clinic. So, they called and ambulance and we went to the center of Sumaré. Well, the ambulance showed up 3 hours later!..The bigger clinic thought that he had dengue, so they said to come back the next day to do another blood test. They said that you have to wait six days to know if it is dengue or not...kind of ridiculus....We came back the next day and they said that he didn´t even have dengue. It was just an infection. They just said the drink a lot of water...they didn´t even give him medicine...What a ridiculus health program...

We stayed at home all week because he was feeling aweful. Now he is feeling better and we can go to work again.

Elder Sullivan

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