Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oct. 13, 2015 one year and 4 months completed

          69 weeks... 1 year and 4 months

Our P-day was switched because of the holiday that they have here in Brazil. It is "Kid Day". there were a bunch of festivals and bouncy houses all over town. It was a little inconvenient becasue they told us that our p-day was switched to tuesday monday morning. So, we had nothing scheduled on monday, but we have a ton scheduled for today.... We basically don´t have a P-day.

We had a Multi-Zone conference this week. It went really well. It is always fun to hear the president give advice. It helps us understand how we need to work better and we get excited again about the work. 

Valkiria and Eduardo are going to be married in December. They don´t work, so they are going to get married for free, so that takes a lot of work off of our shoulders. 

We are still looking for people to teach. Everyone that we teach doesn´t do what we ask, so they can´t progress as an investigator. We have to let the those people on their way. President is starting to push everyone to do 500 contacts per week. We are already struggling with 300. It isn´t a rule yet, but I think in the future he will put it into play.

Elder Sullivan

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